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Managing the NEXT Generation:
Are you Ready for Gen Z in the Workplace?

Are you struggling with how to best interact with and motivate your Gen Z employees?

This custom interactive, skills-based workshop will help you learn how to increase your effectiveness working with those in the Gen Z generation.

Why should we have to adapt to the Gen Z?

The Post-Millennial Generation also known as Gen Z (1997-2013) is just now entering the labor market and employers need to be prepared for its arrival. While Gen Zers share many traits with the Millennial Generation, they also bring in new patterns of behavior. Managers today not only have to understand how to best manage youthful, inexperienced employees, but also the unique characteristics of the generation shaped by their experiences. Approaching generational differences with a blame mentality, which was prevalent with the Millennial Generation, only fosters complaints and derision toward the group instead of focusing on growth-oriented solutions. Understanding their behavior and the distinct needs that they have in the workplace, whether a factor of youth or generational difference, will lead to better integration of the new employees and mutual success.

The workshop includes learning coaching and mentoring skills (Gen Zers seek and stay with managers who help develop them), creating entry and onboarding strategies to manage mutual expectations and improve communication (increases productivity, commitment while reducing stress), and understanding strategies for developing a high performance culture and team with a diverse workforce (increases productivity while reducing turnover).

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Gen Z : people born between 1997 and 2013