Improve Your Negotiation, Influence and Communication Skills

Working with Millennials Course Overview

Millennials (born between 1986 and 2002) will make up nearly half of the workforce by 2020. Clear contrasts exist between the prior generation and Millennials. Millennials are reinventing what it means to be successful in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

In the meantime, how do you manage and retain a workforce with different generational cultures, at different stages in their professional and personal lives, and with different expectations for what work should be like?

Dr. Holly Schrothan award winning lecturer at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeleywill introduce key motivational and communications differences across the generations. She will then offer a variety of techniques, based on social psychology, for effectively working with Millennials.

Topics Include 

  • Understanding key motivational and communication differences across generations
  • Improving your ability to communicate with and influence millennials
  • Knowing how and when to engage in difficulty conversations, give coaching feedback and constructive feedback that motivates
  • Creating a growth mindset culture in your organization and teams, the key to learning and improvement
  • Learning conflict management and negotiation skills to move from conflict to cooperation

See What Past Clients Have Said

We offered Professor Schroth’s “Working with Millennials program” to our executive team. The results were transformative. Our executives learned how communicate and collaborate with Millennials and to better understand the needs and expectations of this increasingly important part of our workforce.  This training will now be a regular offering for our team.”

Event Manager, Big 4 Accounting Firm

Professor Holly Schroth is as talented a teacher as you will come across at any level of education.

Jonathan Carr, Development Manager Grosvenor Americas